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PhotoOrganize.Me specializes in rescuing your photos and memories from the places they've become trapped - shoeboxes, closets, computers, flash drives and smartphones. Then you'll be able to enjoy them today and for generations to come.

I am a photo organizer and storyteller. I help overwhelmed family photo historians organize their photos and memories so they can reconnect their stories with their hearts.
— Amy Hoogervorst

As a child, Amy loved to write, read, and take photographs with the trusty Kodak Ektralite 10 that her grandparents gave her for her 12th birthday.

She and her cameras rarely have been separated since.

Professionally, Amy worked as a newspaper reporter and freelance writer before combining her love for photos and words into a memory-keeping business in 1999.

Do you need help getting your photo collection organized, celebrating someone with an album or special gift, or telling your story?

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